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Current Mac App Store version of EazyDraw is 3.7.1.

Our experienced technical support staff will respond to your support request via return email within one business day, usually within a few hours.

If more urgent assistance is required, call at +1 608.444.5245, this is a US call to the state of Wisconsin. Support is free but no toll free number is available.

See FAQ and revision history below.

Contributions Pack (Free)

The Contributions Pack provides a forum for access of open license original EazyDraw content. This is a free download provided with open use licenses. These licenses vary, please refer to notes associated with the files and folders. The download is free. Contributions are accepted by EazyDraw support. EazyDraw reviews the quality of the content and proposed license restrictions, whenever possible and appropriate EazyDraw will include contributed content in future updates of the Contributions Pack.

Additions Pack ($15)

The Additions Pack includes the full set of EazyDraw libraries. The User Library capability of EazyDraw lets one package complex graphics as readily accessible symbols or speciality drawing tools. The Additions Pack libraries provide pre-drawn graphics ready for you to use in your own drawings. These are big time savers and can give your drawings a professional finished look. For example check out the Network Diagraming libraries (see sample at bottom of the page).

the "Book" ($29)

Want to get the most out of Eazydraw - get the hardcopy printed manual. Perfect for those that are new to vector drawing, the EazyDraw printed manual is a great reference and primer covering vector computer drawing techniques and OS X.

Free shipping - anywhere -. Easy to order online. Pay by credit card or paypal. Click the Store tab to purchase. Mention (in the comment field at check out) that you purchased EazyDraw at the Mac App Store and we will include a free CD with the full Additions Pack (a $15 value).

EazyDraw Contributions Pack download including Cisco icons for network diagrams
The download is a disk image file (dmg), its size is 25 Meg.
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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Will EazyDraw operate on Case Sensitive disk partitions?

Yes: EazyDraw may be installed on Case Sensitive or the older HFS extended volume format.

Can the EazyDraw Additions Pack be used with the App Store version?

Yes: The Additions Pack is just "content" it may be used with and the tutorials apply fully to the App Store version of EazyDraw.

Is the App Store version really 64 Bit?

Yes: This version operates in 64 bit mode on any CPU that is 64 bit capable. All internal values are stored with full 64 bit precision the translates to about 12 decimal places. You can independently control the archival precision with a setting on the Scale palette. The display precision for numeric read outs is found on the Graphic Details drawer. Numeric input is always accepted converted at the full 12 decimal place accuracy.

Will the App Store version open my AppleWorks drawings?

NO: Our normal download version can open them but the App Store version has fully transitioned to the latest Mac OS X technology and can no longer support AppleWorks drawings. For $20 you can purchase a 9 month license for the download version of EazyDraw, convert your drawings, save them in the EazyDraw format then switch over to the App Store version of EazyDraw.

Version History

3.7.1 Feb. 17 2011

Corrected possible hang state, related to graphics with inserted text. The hang could occur with 2nd or successive text edit sessions of text inserted in a graphic. This did not happen with normal text boxes, only inserted text. Work around was to use normal text and the graphic independently, then group them. Editing of a group containing text works in the same fashion a double click brings the text to the fore and begins an edit session.

Enhanced and made corrections for Kerning functions. The Kerning settings in the Graphic Details drawer now have full professional capability, one may kern across different font and attribute runs, adjust single character kerning; all with reliable detailed undo and redo. Previously the numeric Kerning setting applied primarily to full text boxes and uniform text runs. One should now be able to accomplish any kerning action.

Corrections to the SVG import, support for non-comma separated point lists was added.

Improved EPS and PDF ungrouping. Several additional text constructs are now properly supported including kerning specifications.

Improvements for DXF import.

Added support for dimensions for suppression of leading zero for Fraction form. The Leading Zero checkbox on the Dimension Palette (Datum Tab) controlled inclusion of the leading zero for decimal dimensions. It was not controlling a leading zero when fractions (rather than decimal format) was in use. Now it controls both as one would expect. The menu commands "Make Same Width" and "Make Same Height" were not keying off the correct graphic. The "master" graphic should be the first one selected. This is now corrected.

Made several improvements and corrections for the Numeric Entry feature. If, during the creation of a graphic, the letters (o,d, x,y, a, or L) are typed: the Numeric Input pops-up to accept numeric values for (over, down, x-across,y-down, angle or length). The inputs were mostly "raw" and would not work for scaled drawings. Now the inputs (and values shown) are all interpreted and presented correctly according to the drawing's scale and the settings on the Graphic Details drawer for numeric display. For example if you have angles set to Radians - the the "a" numeric input will be Radians rather than Degrees.

Changed response of text graphics that are copied and pasted between drawings with different x or y axis directions. The copy and paste now does not flip the text, this would normally be the intended behavior.

Corrected issues with grouping for groups that involved connectors. In some cases connectors were sent to the back or the front of the group. Now the appearance of connectors is precisely maintained when groups are formed. Connectors that attached to elements involved in a grouping operation were sometimes disconnected. Now all connections are consistently applied to the new group.

Fixed a few issues with editing text that contains Overlines. All editing situations now follow standard text editing conventions for insertions and deletions adjacent and across ranges that include Overlines.

Corrected issue related to graphics created by welding. The new resulting welded graphic would accept a Connector but the Connector (or Dimension) would not remain attached and follow movements of the new graphic. This would correct itself upon save and reopen of a drawing so it was in this sense temporary. All is correct now.

Corrected possible crash when applying Factory default to the Page Setup palette.

Cutting all the way through a rotated oval would sometimes result in 3 resulting paths rather than 2 as one would expect. This is fixed now and works as one would expect.

3.7.0 January 2011

Intial release of EazyDraw App Store Version.

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