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Bug Report
Bug Report

Bug reports are very important to us. Click the above email link and briefly explain the actions that lead up to the problem situation

It is helpful if you can include your EazyDraw version number and the specific version of OS X that you were using when the bug happened.

In some cases you may want to send in the drawing that you were working with when the problem happened. The file may be attached to the report email. We keep these drawings confidential and delete them after the problem situation has been reproduced in our testing lab.

If EazyDraw hangs up and won't respond use the "Force Quit" panel under the Apple Menu to stop EazyDraw.

Protected Memory Environment

Mac OS X operates itself and all applications in protected-encapsulated Unix protected memory environments. This means that EazyDraw may "crash" or encounter unanticipated conditions. In these cases please be assured no "damage" is possible to your operating environment or other applications running on your system.

If EazyDraw hangs up and won't respond use the "Force Quit" panel under the Apple Menu to stop EazyDraw.

Crash Reports - Crash Log

If EazyDraw stops unexpectedly the OS will likely write a Crash Log in the Logs folder in the Library folder of the user's home directory. The log will have a name like "EazyDraw.crash.log. It is helpful if you attach this log to an email describing the situation and your actions leading up to the crash. Send the email with attachment to bugReport@eazydraw.com as this will help our staff to correct the bug for future releases of EazyDraw.

EazyDraw download is a 13 meg universal binary optimized for both the Intel and PowerPC Mac processors, run on Leopard or Tiger, Panther and Jaguar version available

The current version of EazyDraw is 3.6.2 which is a universal binary optimized for PowerPC and Intel processors.

Learn about new features on the What's new page. Here you will find a detailed chronological list of added features and bug fixes.

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