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EazyDraw Graphic File Formats

The EazyDraw native file format is an open non-proprietary public format. The data content is in a human/machine English readable text. We use Mac OS X's XML Parameter List (pList) dictionary based format.

Alternatively file data may be saved in a raw binary format which is more compact and quicker to open and save - important for larger files.

Seamless support for GZip compression is provided for both of EazyDraw's native file formats. This is valuable for sending EazyDraw files as email attachments. You can still simply double click a zipped file to open it in EazyDraw.

An XML style data file is much larger than a corresponding binary file. Both forms are provided by EazyDraw. It is somewhat counter intuitive, but the larger text based XML form should always be used for long term archival. If data is lost or corrupted, a binary file is probably lost completely with little hope of recovery. While a corrupted text based file can frequently be recovered with a little patience and a good text editor.

But will my drawings be usable on other operating systems?

The answer is YES. A full set of export graphic file formats will allow you to match the file type requirements of your audience.

Mac OS X provides full support of PDF and TIFF file formats. You can directly export these platform independent formats.

A rich complement of export file formats is supported, including format, resolution, and compression control.

Or if your audience is OS X capable-have them download the free reader. This solution is ideal-they can do much more than just view static graphics using the reader and EazyDraw native files.

Compatible with the future

A dictionary based file format provides developers additional freedom to advance and evolve an application. Additional features can lead to additional archive objects. This is not a problem for a dictionary based format-older executables just skip over the newer dictionary keys.

You can inspect and edit an EazyDraw drawing with any text editor. This opens a great number of possibilities for the more experienced user.

Use the Property List Editor provided with the Mac OS X developer tools. With this tool you can see the definitions of all the "keys" and corresponding dictionary "values".

Sometimes what you need to understand is not documented, or not documented clearly. An inspection of the actual graphic objects may provide the needed information. Generate an example and have a look at the raw data-a powerful self documenting tool.

SVG Open Format

EazyDraw supports both import and export for the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file format. This is an open standard defined and maintained by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). It is a formal XML language. It is not dictionary based but it (like the EazyDraw graphic format) is extensible.

While EazyDraw's SVG export is robust, it is not recommended for use as the primary master for a drawing.

It is recommended that long term archival (for example the master files saved at the end of a project) be saved uncompressed as SVG and the EazyDraw native graphic format. The dual information will likely prove useful at times in the distant future.

Like the EazyDraw native format, the SVG / XML format is text based and is accessible with any text editor. If these files are damaged with a minor data loss, it is feasible to locate and correct the corruption.

EazyDraw download is a 13 meg universal binary optimized for both the Intel and PowerPC Mac processors, run on Leopard or Tiger, Panther and Jaguar version available

The current version of EazyDraw is 3.6.2 which is a universal binary optimized for PowerPC and Intel processors.

Learn about new features on the What's new page. Here you will find a detailed chronological list of added features and bug fixes.

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