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License Support
EazyDraw License Support

We are happy to resend license codes to users who have lost them.

Click the above email link and provide enough relevant information so that we may identify your purchase in our database. A postal code is often helpful when we attempt to identify your purchase.

Our key identifier is the email address used when placing your order. If your email has changed, let us know and we will update our records.

Entering Your License

The license codes are case sensitive - upper and lower case must be entered correctly. There are 4 sets of letters and numbers. One set for each of the 4 text boxes on the enter license panel.

The best method is to copy and the paste each of the individual sets of numbers right from our order fulfillment email into the 4 boxes on the license enter panel. When you copy from the email, double click the number set rather than dragging across all the number as the later technique may leave one off.

You can get to the enter license panel from the "About EazyDraw" menu selection under the EazyDraw main menu.

After copying the 4 set of numbers, hit the tab key one more time to cause a test read of the code- then the "Enter" button should enable and turn blue, this is the first check. If it doesn't enable, check again something went wrong.

After the Enter button enables click it with the mouse and you should be running.

You should test if the code was fully accepted by creating about 40 objects. Draw one Rectangle the do select all "Cmd A" and copy "Cmd C" and paste "Cmd V" - repeat this 8 or 9 times. Or you could quit EazyDraw and re-launch, if you still get the "Enter License" message, a problem remains.

No License Required for Reader Mode

No license is required to use EazyDraw in the "Free Reader" mode. Simply download EazyDraw and launch. When asked, at launch, indicate that you wish to continue without a license.

Your are able to view, edit, save and print any size drawing without purchasing a license. You can not add new content to a drawing in the free reader mode, this requires a purchased license.

Demo Limitations

In the unlicensed "demo mode" you are limited in the number of individual graphics that can be drawn. This limit is about 20 to 30 graphic elements, depending on their individual complexity. In the dem mode, you can save your drawing to disk and print the drawing without water mark traits.

EazyDraw download is a 13 meg universal binary optimized for both the Intel and PowerPC Mac processors, run on Leopard or Tiger, Panther and Jaguar version available

The current version of EazyDraw is 3.6.2 which is a universal binary optimized for PowerPC and Intel processors.

Learn about new features on the What's new page. Here you will find a detailed chronological list of added features and bug fixes.

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