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Additions Pack
User Manual
Layered Vector Maps
Network Diagrams
Venn Diagrams
Video Tutorials
EazyDraw libraries and PDF manual found in the Additions Pack.

Video Tutorials

The Additions Pack includes a full video tutorial library. This video library is available by download and on DVD. They are the easiest way to learn the about vector drawing and EazyDraw. These screen cast demonstrations with detailed instruction are a fun way to quickly gain working knowledge of EazyDraw's capabilities. Learn more on the Video Tutorials page.


The Additions Pack includes all EazyDraw libraries that are available. The User Library capability of EazyDraw lets one package complex graphics as readily accessible symbols or speciality smart drawing tools. The Additions Pack libraries provide pre-drawn graphics ready for you to use in your own drawings. These are big time savers and can give your drawings a professional finished look. For example check out the Network Diagraming libraries.

Layered Vector Maps:

The Maps folder includes ten high quality digital vector maps licensed from map resources Inc.. for royalty free use by EazyDraw users. They are layered EazyDraw drawings, so they are simple to edit and configure for your exact needs. Turn on/off layers to show or hide map content such as roads or water features. Zoom in as far as necessary to make precise additions or inspect details.

Worksheet Tutorials:

The Additions Pack provides a set of tutorial drawing files. Each of these covers a specific topic or drawing task in great depth. These are more specialized tutorials for some of the more complex issues such as cutting a hole in a graphic, or using a dimension to show the area of an object. At this time there is one Video tutorial available in HD covering DrawingBasics.

Web Color Picker
The Additions Pack includes a free license for WebColorPicker. This is a Hex color picker plugin for the OS X color picker. Includes 3 different color views (the Color Cube is the coolest) and automatic code snippet generator for Objective C, Java and others.
Buy Online
The Additions Pack is available from the secure EazyDraw online store. Click the EazyDraw Store link to purchase by credit card or PayPal. After purchase and email will provide you a download link and password, you will be using the Additions Pack as soon as your order is processed.
EazyDraw training movies
EazyDraw video tutorials

Current Videos:

First video tutorial added March 2011. The video tutorial DVD (or download) now includes over 20 tutorials. Follow this Video Tutorials link for more information.

Current Libraries:

Requires 275 MBytes of storage. The current libraries are listed here in alphabetical order.

Architecture To Scale
Chemistry Lab
Cisco Networking
Data Flow
DXF Hatches
Electrical (Contractor's symbols)
Engineering Tools
Fluid Power
Graph Paper
Ham Radio
Lewis Dot Structure
Map Symbols
Network CPUs
Networks Symbols
Networks SymbolsII
Plumbing and Irrigation
Public Icons
Relationship Arrows (ERD)
Thought Balloons
Trees and Shrubs
Trees and Shrubs Color
US States
Venn Diagrams
Weather Small

Layered Maps:

Requires 25 MBytes of storage. These are fully editable high quality vector maps in native EazyDraw binary format. They are drawn with layers so that elements such as water features my be easily included or excluded. They are derived from master maps licensed for EazyDraw users from map resources Inc..

United Kingdom
United States
USA States

Venn Diagrams:

Original drawings used to construct the Venn Diagram library. A few samples provided at the bottom of this web page: EazyDraw Venn Diagrams For Mac. These drawings have the construction shapes including the individual regions obtained by the logical (Union, Difference, and Intersection) combinations of the primary entity shapes.

Edwards Bipartite Coloring
Edwards Construction
Five By Three
Four Square
One Over 3 Pairs
One Over 4 Circles
Two Over One Circle
Venn Circles
Venn 2 With Labels
Venn 2 Rect
Venn 3 Hexagon
Venn 3 Rectangle
Venn 4 Ellipse
Venn 4 Traditional
Venn 4 Hexagon
Venn 5
Venn 5 Symmetric
Venn Spread

Calendar Templates:

Month and Year calendars various designs. Component drawings for assembling your own calendar layout for any year.

Linear 2010
Linear 2011
Linear 2012
Linear 2013
Linear 2014
Linear 2015
Linear 2016
Month Landscape
Month Landscape Friday Start
Month Landscape Monday Start
Month Landscape Saturday Start
Month Landscape Sunday Start
Month Landscape Thursday Start
Month Landscape Tuesday Start
Month Landscape Wednesday Start
Month Photo
Month Photo Friday Start
Month Photo Monday Start
Month Photo Saturday Start
Month Photo Sunday Start
Month Photo Thursday Start
Month Photo Tuesday Start
Week Schedule
Year 2010
Year 2012
Year 2013
Year 2014


Each tutorial focuses on a specific vector drawing activity. They are fully interactive, they are actually each an EazyDraw drawing. Detailed study information is presented alongside examples and drawing exercises that will build your confidence and vector drawing skills. The current tutorials are listed below in alphabetical order.

Adding and Subtracting Shapes
Angle Dimensions
Area Dimensions
Arrows Along Railway Symbol
Arrows Walls and Studs
Autolines and Connectors
Blends Advanced
Blends for Effect
Build Icons
Buttons and URLs
Centered Canvas
Colored Annotation
Coloring Basics
Crop or "Erase"
Crop and Fill
Dimension Basics
Dimension Style and Color
Draw a Handbag
Drawing Basics
Drawing from a Photo
Emboss and Engrave
Flow Charts
Flowing Text
Gradients in Text
Greek Characters
Group Edit
IPhone and IPad icons
Join and Punch Holes
Math Tools
Miter Limit
Multi-Layer Drawings
Patterns as Colors
Patterns Painting
Reflections of Text
Roads and Intersections
Stroke Position
Stylized Text
Text Navigation Shortcut Keys
Text Rotate
Text on a Curve
Text Shadow
Trimming and Cutouts
Walls and Ribbons

Network Diagrams:

Use the Networking libraries to draw detailed computer network diagrams. Good for a small home network or a full scale world-wide corporate design. CPU's that represent Apple computers, most network diagramming projects use antiquated looking illustrations for cpus - EazyDraw has illustrations that Apple users will find more appropriate.

The Networking libraries have industry accepted LAN and WAN component illustrations. These are not "clip-art", they are full vector drawings that are easily modified if changes are needed.


The Electronics libraries have a full selection of modern and classic electronic components. The Ham Radio library has active and passive analog components that are useful for the professional engineer or Hobby-Ham radio enthusiast. These work well with EazyDraw's active connector lines, drawing grids, and snap-to-grid features.

Free Updates For One Year:

Export to APXL, Apple's Keynote version 1 XML file format. These files may then be fully integrated into a Keynote presentation, as editable vectors, fills, and text. Keynote II can also use these files, they are automatically converted to from the Keynote I format when imported into Keynote. Copy and paste of PDF and full resolution TIFF between Keynote and EazyDraw provides another method to integrated high quality graphics drawn in EazyDraw into Keynote's advanced presentation capabilities.

Let Us Know What You Need:

Be sure to let us know if there are particular libraries that you need. We can often add a specific library rather quickly once we understand your needs. The only qualifier is that you need to be specific.

Printer Friendly:

The EazyDraw help pages can be printed, but they are formated to read easily on the computer screen. In contrast, the PDF manual, while it may be read on screen, it is formated to print properly on your own printer. This is useful if you wish to print out a particular topic or chapter. If you want a hard copy of the full manual, you may want to consider purchasing the printed manual from our online store.

Compliments Help Pages:

The EazyDraw help pages are the primary reference documentation for EazyDraw. The PDF manual provided in the Additions Pack should be thought of as a supplement, presenting the same information but in a narrative style.

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