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Bezier Curves
Interactive Create and Edit
Cut With Knife Tool
Insert Vertices
Weld Beziers Together
Even-Odd or Non-Zero Fill
Butt, Square, or Round Ends
Miter, Bevel, or Round Join
Precise Numerical Editing
Example of converting a Claris Draw drawing to a native EazyDraw drawing.

Insert or Remove Vertices:

Easily insert vertices with the Insert Tool, or remove them with the Knife Tool. Use the Knife Tool to cut a Bezier into 2 or more segments - an exact math operation. Double or Halve vertices with a menu click. Rotate an existing curve with a simple click and drag of the Rotate Tool.

Live Interactive Control:

Point-click-drag any vertex or any of the controls. All the math is done live, you see the curve evolve before your eyes. Use the Graphic Details drawer (the light blue panel above) to input control points with digital precision -- in the units chosen for your drawing. Step through each vertex with the stepper (shown at the top of the Graphic Details drawer) to quickly review all control point locations and angles.

Everything is a Bezier:

All EazyDraw graphic elements are rendered as Bezier Curves. This means that any graphic may be converted to a Bezier Curve. Convert typeset text to Bezier Glyphs for editing and advance effects.

Several Methods to Join:

Group - combine several elements for convenience and scaling. Join - with full winding rule support - punch "holes" in objects. Weld - take advantage of symmetries to simplify drawing actions, then truly combine the component paths into one "welded" Bezier. Crop and Frame - commonly used when working with photos or other bitmap content.

Bezier Curves
These are a snap with EazyDraw. There are two styles , (normal and smooth). Convert any graphic to a Bezier Curve with one mouse click. A very simple - intuitive - real time interactive interface is provided for making changes.
Very large zoom range
Zoom in 48,000% and work easily--that spreads a point (roughly one pixel) to about full screen. Control knobs and cursors appear correctly and work smoothly with the fine detail required for today's high quality web graphics.
Two Kinds
Both mathematical styles of Bezier Curve are supported. The continuous style (shown in the example) has a continuous slope at each vertex. If this constraint is dropped the Bezier representation can be used for objects with square-like corners. Both Circles and Rectangles can be drawn with Bezier Curves.
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