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FireFox users: you may see a security warning when going to our store pages. This is a FireFox bug, if you upgrade FireFox to 6.0.2 or newer the problem is corrected. Our site is secure with extended validation, FireFox was the only browser with the problem and that is now fixed if you update.

We are pleased to provide email support to all of our customers.

Our experienced technical support staff will respond to your support request via return email within one business day, usually within a few hours.

If more urgent assistance is required, call our hot line at +1 608.444.5245, this is a US call to the state of Wisconsin. Support is free but no toll free number is available.


EazyDraw provides full support for Lion, Mac OS X version 10.7.

EazyDraw version 4.x.x or newer is required for Lion.

EazyDraw version 4.0.x (Retro Version) runs on OS X 10.4.3 and newer (including Lion).

Try EazyDraw Help

You may get more immediate assistance by posing your question to EazyDraw's integrated Help system. This is found on the Help Menu of EazyDraw (right-most main menu). You will see a search phrase text field at the top right of the Help browser window; enter your question here.

EazyDraw's Help documentation is detailed and rather extensive. The information is provided in HTML form and viewed with the OS X help viewer. This means that you can browse the help information following threads of interest with convenient clickable links. And the content is searchable.

Classic Drawing Files: AppleWorks and older

EazyDraw versions 4.1.0 and newer do not support the older classic drawing file formats of AppleWorks, ClarisDraw, MacDrawPro, MacDrawII, and MacDraw. The older EazyDraw versions (3.6.4 for example) do not run on OS X 10.7. EazyDraw version 4.0.0 is provided as a solution for these transition situations. EazyDraw 4.0.0 supports the import of the above drawing formats, runs on Lion, and accepts a version 4 license code (both full license and 9 month codes). If necessary email your system information and needs to EazyDraw's support and we will advise the best approach to recover your classic drawings.

EazyDraw download is a 13 meg universal binary optimized for both the Intel and PowerPC Mac processors, run on Leopard or Tiger, Panther and Jaguar version available

The current version of EazyDraw is 4.1.0 which is a universal binary 64 - 32 bit application for OS X 10.6.0 and newer.

Learn about new features on the What's new page. Here you will find a detailed chronological list of added features and bug fixes.

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EazyDraw download is a 19 meg universal binary optimized for both the Intel and PowerPC Mac processors, run on Leopard or Tiger, Panther and Jaguar version available

This is last release of EazyDraw version 3, for users who have not purchased Version 4 upgrade. This version does not run on Lion (OS X 10.7).

Version 4 upgrade fee is $35. Purchase SKU 34014 found near the bottom of the online store web page.

What's New In Version 4
Panther version available

Retro Version 4. Opens AppleWorks, ClarisDraw and MacDraw drawings. Runs on Lion and older (Tiger, Leopard, and Snow Leopard) versions of OS X.

Accepts Version 4 license codes (no need to purchase twice). Runs on OS X 10.4.3 and newer (including Lion).

AppleWorks Information
EazyDraw Contributions Pack download including Cisco icons for network diagrams
The download is a disk image file (dmg), its size is 25 Meg.
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