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Web Graphics
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Icons (ICNS and ICO)
Buttons and Tabs
Color Matched Backgrounds
GIF, Optimized Color Table
32 Bit, PNG, ICO, BMP
Vector Content, PDF, EPS
Content With Transparency
EazyDraw, Example showing technical drawing with automatic dimensions for Mac OS X

Perfect Companion App:

Create stylish web sites by combining EazyDraw with your favorite web authoring tools. Use EazyDraw to design and publish the web ready graphic files. The complete EazyDraw web site and online store was designed and produced with EazyDraw and BBedit.

Export the Optimum Graphic Format:

Choose from a wide selection of graphic file formats. This means that you can select the format with the best file size and characteristics for your target audience and web presentation needs. Supported web formats: GIF, BMP, ICO, ICNS, FAVICON, JPG, PNG, TIF.

Bundled ICON formats:

Export complete icon bundles with a single operation. EazyDraw supports ICNS for the Mac, ICO for Windows and the Web, and FAVICON for browser address bar icons. The Export parameters allow selection of pixel depth and format, support for classic simple pixel maps and newer 32 bit XP colors.

Calibrated RGB:

Export with calibrated RGB color components. When you are designing graphics with EazyDraw the ColorSync profile of your monitor(s) is used, this lets you see how colors will appear when seen by your audience on the web. When exporting your graphic the uncorrected, calibrated color components are required so that your audience's colors will be corrected properly for their display (not yours).

Design With Color Tables:

GIF and some other classic bitmap formats require consideration of color tables such as Web-Safe colors or specific design control. EazyDraw integrates these export conditions with OS X color pickers, either those supplied by EazyDraw or other 3rd party color tables. Get the right look in the smallest and most compatible image size without using a 3rd party graphics converter. Our automatic color table generator will analyze your image and create a "best possible" color table, you specify the number of colors to use.

Virtual Electronic Printing
Choose one of our virtual printers for web publishing. This lets you control the image size directly. No need to "fake out" a printer driver, or require browser control to get just the right look and border area.
Transparency Tools
You can, of course, design with opacity or transparency. But getting this to the web and the user's screen requires the right control of your published image. With EazyDraw, no need for additional transparency masking layers and complex procedures. Just make your selection on the export panel.
WebColorPicker is a color picker plugin for your mac OS X color panel. It has full support for hexadecimal color specification and inspection. Copy and paste colors as hex codes or immediately visualize hex codes as colors Code snippet support for Objective C, JAVA, and other languages as well.  Go to WebColorPicker.com to learn more.
EazyDraw download is a 13 meg universal binary optimized for both the Intel and PowerPC Mac processors, run on Leopard or Tiger, Panther and Jaguar version available
The download is a disk image file (dmg), its size is 23 Meg.
Test pattern: The top blocks of colors are generated by CSS / HTML hex color settings (#ff0000, #ffff00, ...). The lower blocks of colors derived from an EazyDraw png exported image using precisely the same RGB color specifications (conveniently provided by WebColorPicker). Make the browser window wide to provide aligned overlap of the two sets of test colors. On your screen with any web browser there should be no discernible color-shade differences, thus verifying that you can count on EazyDraw to provide precise calibrated colors for your web graphics. You may confirm that the color blocks have two completely different modes of generation by making the browser window more narrow, the CSS blocks will resize and reposition (depending on browser) but the EazyDraw png image blocks do not move or resize. This precise calibrated color matching works with PNG, TIFF, GIF, and BMP images.
This web page designed, created and published entirely with BBEdit and EazyDraw.
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