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Curved Text
Text At An Angle
Attach Text To Any Graphic
Follow Curve
Typeset At Angles
Independent Live Edit
Reverse Mirror and Flip
Shadow and Stylize
Find And Spell Check
Example of converting a Claris Draw drawing to a native EazyDraw drawing.

Contour Or Just An Angle:

Annotated text may be associated with any graphic. Position text relative to the curve and slope of the curve at any position along the curve. It is so easy to get these advanced special effects, no secret hand shakes with the key board-every graphic has the potential, just click a check box and go.

Mac OS X's Type Setting Capability:

All the built-in typesetting and text layout capability of OS X works fully with oriented text. No limitation on font, font size, text color, style. Any font available to your system is available for oriented text. Design with Unicode text and all the fonts provided with OS X. Convert any of these to editable Bezier Glyph curves.

Integrated with Spell Check and Find:

Spell check as you go. Spell check just a selection or the entire document. Use system dictionaries, accepted words are saved with the drawing. This all works with normal text and curved or annotated text.

Live Bezier Edit and Text Flow::

Live interactive control of text flowing along a Bezier curve. Use the normal Bezier control knobs to view and modify text position and orientation to get just the effect needed. Show the text as reverse (direction), mirror, flipped or combinations, whatever it takes to achieve the desired effect. Live viewable editing of both the flow path of the text and the text, including style, font size, etc.

Convert Text to Bezier
Convert typeset or curved text to fully editable Bezier paths, then it gets really interesting. Advanced special effects like gradient fills, and color blends can be used with the editable paths. Fine tune character positions and angles, and be certain that everything will publish exactly as designed - on any system.
Edit Live
Edit in a normal fashion on the Annotation Panel and see the results as changes are made. No need to "type at an angle" or have you text "jump" back to an editing position. See the layout live on your drawing as you spacing, font size, kerning, or wording -- see the results and possibilities.
Mirror, Reverse, Flipped
Several selections -these are often needed for readability or special effects. If you think of text going around a foot-ball shape, the text on the top is OK but on the bottom it needs to be reversed and flipped --an easy step with EazyDraw use-just select this orientation from a popup menu.
EazyDraw download is a 13 meg universal binary optimized for both the Intel and PowerPC Mac processors, run on Leopard or Tiger, Panther and Jaguar version available
The download is a disk image file (dmg), its size is 23 Meg.
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