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Video Tutorials
Web Sample Size - The download videos are HD size and quality.

The Fun Way to Learn EazyDraw

EazyDraw's library of over 20 video tutorials is without a doubt the easiest way to quickly gain a good understanding of Vector graphic drawing techniques. The screen cast demonstrations with expert instruction are the perfect for the beginner to study in detail, or for the expert to skim though and quickly see how things are done in EazyDraw.

Brings Documentation To Life

The video tutorials are an excellent compliment to the detailed documentation provided with the 350 page PDF manual and extensive Help pages. See important drawing techniques in action as the demonstrator works with actual drawings while explaining concepts important to vector drawing and EazyDraw's user interface.

High Def:

The sample shown above is a small format for web delivery. The videos provided via download or DVD are recorded and delivered at full screen size (1280 x 720 or 1920 x 1080) High Definition quality. This allows the student to follow closely the detailed activities of the screen cast.

Additions Pack
The Additions Pack includes the full collection of Video tutorials. The full Additions Pack is provided as 3 downloads. After download the video tutorials are available for unlimited viewing without internet access. The videos may be viewed with the OS X Quicktime viewer.
CD and Box Version
The CD and Box version includes a DVD with all the videos. This provides convient quick access to all the videos. This is important for users with slow or limited internet access.
Worksheet Tutorials
The Additions Pack include a set of "non-video" tutorials. These are interactive worksheet drawings. The drawings have pre-arranged examples, with detailed instruction for exercises by the student.

EazyDraw Video Tutorials Study Guide

Drawing Basics

6 minutes 47 seconds

This is a basic getting started tutorial. Important if you are new to vector drawing. Worthwhile for all as it will give a good overview of how drawing is done with EazyDraw.

Using Help

14 minutes 32 seconds

This video shows how to use the EazyDraw Help system. Good information for the Mac Help viewer that is used by most Apps on the Mac. Recommended for all but the most experienced Mac users. Quite a few useful tips for EazyDraw and other good Mac Apps.

Printer Setup

9 minutes 56 seconds

This is a "non-fun" but very important video. Strongly recommended for all, even experienced users. Printer setup is really the starting point for all drawing projects. A quick study here is insurance from printing problems at the completion of the project.


6 minutes 18 seconds

Since Zoom is one of the most frequently used capabilities of computer / vector drawing this tutorial is quite important. Recommended for all users regardless of previous experience. A key video for efficient use of EazyDraw.

Coloring Basics

2 minutes 26 seconds

Very basic demo of Fill color. Experienced users will skip. Intermediate users will go to Color_Wells video.

Draw Bear

3 minutes 37 seconds

Just a demo, no tutorial. Quite basic but shows several techniques that would be of interest to those new to vector drawing.

Text on a curve

1 minutes 53 seconds

Short demo and tutorial for using Annotation. Topic specific, view if needed..

Color Wells

7 minutes 53 seconds

Important for users experiencing frustration setting or selecting colors. This tutorial is of general interest as it provides in-depth information for the general use of color wells and the system color picker on OS X. The information provided applies to all modern OS X Apps that use colors. Suggested for all users. The simplified color palettes available from the Toolbar are covered by the Toolbar_Color_Menus tutorial.

Nudge and Move

20 minutes 10 seconds

Starts with a important tip for users having trouble moving graphics. Suggested for those with limited experience. But important for anyone that will be a frequent user of EazyDraw. Not critical for the occasional user.

Palette Units (mm, inches, points)

5 minutes 7 seconds

Important for those that like to fully understand how the program operates. Occasional users might skip this until specific questions involving drawing units are encountered. The Factory Default settings will work well for most, negating an immediate need for this information.

Graphic Details

13 minutes 22 seconds

Recommended for all users, especially those doing technical drawings. Covers the tools needed to define graphics numerically. Not as important for the artistic user.


13 minutes 52 seconds

Very important for those that like to customize their user settings and workflow. This video should be viewed before making changes to the EazyDraw Factory settings. Not so important for those that rely on factory setup of their parameters and settings.

Toolbar Customize

9 minutes 17 seconds

Recommended for all users, even the most inexperienced or occasional. The video shows how to add or re-arrange the tools in the main toolbar. Advanced users will learn valuable capabilities.

Toolbar Menu Tools

9 minutes 27 seconds

Important for those that use the toolbar tools frequently. And users having trouble with the color picking toolbar buttons. Finishes with a couple of power user tips.

Toolbar Color Menus

11 minutes 13 seconds

Important information for anyone that will be using EazyDraw heavily. Even experienced users will want to study this video in order to get the most out of the main toolbar, several techniques are unique to the EazyDraw user interface.

Parameter Palettes

14 minutes 23 seconds

Relevant for power users. Not critical for basic use of EazyDraw. Important if main use is on a small PowerBook screen. The tips and information in this video help reduce screen clutter.

Keyboard Shortcuts

7 minutes 21 seconds

Interest for all users. This video covers the Menu Keys palette. This user interface is rather straight forward so this tutorial may not be needed for those more experienced on the Mac. if you do not like the Factory choices for the shortcut keys then this tutorial will be quite useful.


10 minutes 22 seconds

Specific tutorial for trimming and using the EazyDraw Knife tool. Even experienced users will need to study this topic as the EazyDraw knife presents a somewhat novel approach to trimming.


10 minutes 30 seconds

Covers several ways to rotate graphics. This video covers the use of the Rotate tool then goes on to show other techniques for rotation. Important for all users including those experienced in vector drawing.

Drawing Order 1

12 minutes 5 seconds

Introduction to Painters Algorithm and drawing order. Very basic, important for those new to Vector drawing. First in a series of 4 video tutorials.

Drawing Order 2

8 minutes 15 seconds

Second of a series of 4. Important for serious users, includes more advanced issues relating to drawing order. Working with drawing order within group graphics. Techniques for transparency, advanced tips for interleaved arrangement.

Layers 1

19 minutes 14 seconds

Third of a series of 4. Introduces the basic use of layers and the Layers drawer. Suggested for intermediate level users or anyone that has a project that will benefit from the use of Layers.

Layers 2

9 minutes 56 seconds

Fourth of a series of 4. Completes an introduction of the use of Layers. Presents advanced capabilities of the Layer's drawer. Demonstrates drag and drop of layers between drawings.
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