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EazyDraw, Make Drawing Fun on OS-X

A Real Measuring Tape:

The screen shot shows how the measuring tape can be used to measure distances on a drawing. The map is drawn to scale so the measurements read directly in kilometers. You can see the measuring tape, the slightly transparent gray ruler that is stretched across the drawing of the map.

Live Cursor:

The Tape tool provides a true interactive cursor that provides a real time numeric display of the cursor position as it is moved over the drawing. The read-out is always active whether, you are inspecting the drawing, creating new graphics, or editing exiting shapes. The x,y coordinates (over and down) are shown on the screen. Their values reflect the true scale and units of the drawing.

Customizable Cursor:

Select from several alternatives (reticle, circle, ..) to the simple arrow cursor. Chose an extended (full screen, to-ruler, ...) if preferred or required for a project. Optionally include on-screen numeric read-outs of cursor position.

Inspect Graphic Metrics:

Select a graphic and the Tape tool's cursor read-out will report precise relevant metrics of the graphic. The reported information can be a simple as a curves x-y locus, but many other metrics are often available depending on the particular graphic's shape, for example the slope at an intercept is often available.

Measure Scaled (real world / project) Distances:

Hold down the option key and drag to access an on-screen measuring tape. The tape can be "clicked" to a graphic and positioned anywhere on the drawing. Visually measure distances or read the numeric cursor for delta-x, delta-y distances and angles.

Snap and Read Control Points:

Position the Measuring Tape cursor near a vertex or control point and the cursor will snap to the precise location of the control point and display the corresponding coordinates.

Easy Switch on/off:

A live numeric cursor can be quite useful when needed, but the readout often times is distracting for other drawing situations. Switching modes is handled seamlessly by the EazyDraw user interface. Just click back to the normal Arrow cursor to discontinue the Measuring Tape mode. Enter the Measuring Tape mode with a simple click of the Tape tool, in this mode the cursor has the same behavior as normal Arrow Tool - for all situations.

EazyDraw download is a 13 meg universal binary optimized for both the Intel and PowerPC Mac processors, run on Leopard or Tiger, Panther and Jaguar version available
The download is a disk image file (dmg), its size is 23 Meg.

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