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EazyDraw, text capabilities on OS-X including converting text to bezier paths

Full Use of All Fonts on Your System:

EazyDraw is a Cocoa Application and has full access to all fonts that are available to your OS X system. The wide range of typesetting capabilities that are provided by OS X are seamlessly integrated into your EazyDraw application.

Convert Typeset Text to Bezier Curves:

OS X provides high quality font processing that is based on Bezier curves. EazyDraw is a vector based drawing application with advanced Bezier curve editing. You can take advantage of this convergence of technology with one click on the convert menu. Typeset text is precisely converted to fully editable individual Bezier curves.

No Limitations For Converted Bezier Paths:

The converted Bezier curves can be edited, they have stroke and fill, they will accept gradient fill and patterns, -- no limitations. EazyDraw doesn't even know that you obtained the shapes from a typeset font.

Full Support For Latest OS X Technology:

The newest versions of OS X provide the high quality text drop shadowing capability. EazyDraw allows the user to add these to any text, and adjust the color, transparency, blur, and offset of the shadow. Independent setting of stroke and fill color for any font face. And these convert to Bezier with no degradation of appearance.

Flow Text Around Other Graphics:

The paragraph align settings (left, right, center, or justify) have an option to flow text around other graphics. Useful for Page Layout projects, get the professional "magazine" typeset appearance with just the click of a check-box.

Attributes Bar - a Great "Short-Cut":

When text is selected the contextual attributes toolbar presents a convenient arrangement of the most commonly used text tools such a stepping font size, of setting alignment. These are available for quick use without a menu-walk or opening of a special palette. A great time saver.

Spell and Grammar Check:

EazyDraw's spell check panel interfaces with any dictionary installed on OS X. The spell checking is optimized and fast (the full 350 page EazyDraw pdf manual spell checks in a few seconds). The panel is expanded from the standard OS X system interface panel and allows additional maintenance operations such as removing allowed misspellings from dictionaries. Grammar checkin is supported on OS X versions 10.5 and newer.

Link Text Boxes:

Any text box may be enabled to present and accept text flow links from another text box. Simple drag a connection from one enabled text box to another to establish a typesetting text flow across the two (or more) text boxes. Live resize will push or pull text between all linked text boxes. Use this for multi-column and multi-page story page layout. Text linking may be combined with text - flow - around.

Easily Rotate Text:

Rotating text is done with one interactive editing handle. Text is fully typeset respecting kerning, alignment and paragraph settings at any angle. Works with linked text too.

Punch Text:

The stylize menu has several options including the "Punch" capability. One menu command will set a solid background and with the text transparent to provide a punched out stencil look that allows background graphics or images to be seen through the individual text characters.

Advance Tab Stops:

The EazyDraw Tabs interface provides numeric or interactive on-screen setting of tab stops and their format. Add a tab leader, several formats provided (solid, dots, various dashed lines). You can even add Arrow heads to the leaders. This is the kind of capability found when a drawing application is used to design with text, compared to trying to "draw" with a word-processor.

Modify The Standard Shapes:

Any graphic can be converted to a free form Bezier path. You can taylor your block diagrams with custom shapes by starting with one of our standard shapes then converting it to a Bezier path and editing a portion of the path.

Control Over Stroke Position:

EazyDraw allows you to control position of the stroke (path or outline) relative to the fill (interior color) of any graphic. This makes it easy to apply pleasing stylizing effects to text by placing the stroke behind the fill, its normally drawn on top of the fill and can look jaggy or pointy. This technique was used to create the headline for this page. For more on this topic check out the tutorial Stroke Position on the demo download.

EazyDraw download is a 13 meg universal binary optimized for both the Intel and PowerPC Mac processors, run on Leopard or Tiger, Panther and Jaguar version available
The download is a disk image file (dmg), its size is 23 Meg.

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