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EazyDraw, Make Drawing Fun on OS-X

Create or use patterns as colors:

The Patterns Palette provides support for the use and design of repeating image patterns as a color. The patterns are used as colors in EazyDraw and other OS X applications. They can be created or edited with the pattern inspection view, which allows precise examination or specification of each pixel of the pattern image.

Painting Tool for OS X:

The patterns you design with EazyDraw may be used by all you other OS X applications. Your patterns are full fledged colors, EazyDraw automatically notifies your color picker of their availability. Or build and export *.clr color list files with the pattern palette. Paint pixel by pixel or drag and drop you vector art on the pixel image view.

Support for transparency and overlay:

Manage transparency in your patterns. Full or partially transparent pixels capability. Then use the great overlay feature to allow color or gradients to accent and create great effects.

Patterns Are Still Important

Support for patterns has faded for many of today's graphic design and drawing applications. They (patterns) used to be used to create colors from a limited color palette. Now with today's true color technology this use is not as important and pattern support is often dropped. Not for EazyDraw. Patterns are mechanical drawings, printed illustrations and many other drawing effects. EazyDraw has extensive support for using and creating high quality patterns. And the patterns that you create may be installed in your OS X environment for ready use by your other OS X applications, even if they have dropped support for patterns.

Many Patterns included

EazyDraw ships with a library of several hundred patterns. The library includes the default patterns that were provided with several classic Mac drawing applications such as MacDrawII, MacDrawPro and ClarisDraw.

Recover Your Classic Patterns

If you created custom patterns with a Mac Draw or Claris Draw classic application, you may recover these for use on OS X (even if OS X is running on Intel). Simply import a drawing that contains your legacy patterns, check the "Install on OS X" box on the import panel, and the patters are formatted and saved in your Colors folder as a .clr color list file. This will make them available for use with any color picker that you have installed on OS X.

Use Any Image as a Pattern

You may drag and drop any image on the pattern design area of the Pattern Palette. This is the array of small rectangles seen on the palette with the title Patterns shown in the above screen shot. The image then becomes a texture that can be used as a color fill for any graphic that you draw with EazyDraw.

Paint Your Own

The painting tools seen on the Pattern palette are used to design your own pattern. Use the high definition colors and transparency, or just a simple black and white cross hatch - what ever is needed for your project.

EazyDraw download is a 13 meg universal binary optimized for both the Intel and PowerPC Mac processors, run on Leopard or Tiger, Panther and Jaguar version available
The download is a disk image file (dmg), its size is 23 Meg.

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