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Digital Maps
(Additions Pack)
Digital Vector
Organized by Layer
Fully Editable
High Quality Print
Additions Pack
Change Font, colors, ...
From mapresources.com
EazyDraw, Example showing maps and site plan uses for Mac OS X

"Additions Pack" not found on demo disk:

Note, these high quality layered maps are part of the EazyDraw Additions Pack. They are included on all CD versions of EazyDraw but are not included with the basic download version of EazyDraw. Download version users may purchase the Additions Pack "al-la-cart" from the online store.

Digital Vector:

These maps are not "pictures", they are drawn to detail with native EazyDraw Bezier paths. You are getting the originals! This means that you may scale the maps as needed (web button up to poster size) without loss of detail or pixelation. When printed to PDF, the full vector quality is present in your final project.

Drawn With Layers:

The maps are Layered for maximum ease of use. Include or exclude elements such as water features, or roads by simply turning off the associated layer. Select the layers needed for your project, then add your content on the top layer.

Derived from mapresources.com maps:

These maps are licensed for use by registered EazyDraw users from mapresources.com. They are accurate and professionally designed. Quite a bargain for EazyDraw users, each map normally sells in Adobe Illustrator format for about $40 each.

Presentation Ready
Grab a map, overlay your sales territories, plug in some numbers, ... . You can edit and add your own project information right to the original map. Your keynote slides and printed proposal will look crisp and professional as only original vector art can.
Additions Pack
The Additions Pack includes more than maps. It includes a 350 page PDF manual, several user libraries, tutorials and example drawings. Check out Network Diagrams for an example of a user library. The full package is a great addition and time saver for many EazyDraw projects.
Ten Maps Included
At this time ten maps are included. They are not provided as library elements, they are each provided as an individual layered EazyDraw drawing. More detail is allowed with this format. Scroll down this page to see examples. The current set of maps provided are listed on the Additions Pack web page.
EazyDraw download is a 13 meg universal binary optimized for both the Intel and PowerPC Mac processors, run on Leopard or Tiger, Panther and Jaguar version available
The download is a disk image file (dmg), its size is 23 Meg.
EazyDraw, Example showing maps and site plan uses for Mac OS X
This web page designed, created and published entirely with BBEdit and EazyDraw, for full copyright information go to mapresources all maps shown derived from maps licensed from map resources.
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