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iWork And EazyDraw
EazyDraw, Example showing technical drawing with automatic dimensions for Mac OS X

Dream Workflow:

EazyDraw is ready to step up and serve as your drawing application to complete the iWork suite. EazyDraw, like the components of the iWork suite, is a modern OS X Cocoa Application, this means that you can easily combine your EazyDraw graphics with iWork documents. If you are migrating from AppleWorks, EazyDraw reads AppleWorks drawing files, a complete import and edit as vector art.

Export Keynote XML, LinkBack Too:

EazyDraw has an export plugin for Keynote native xml file format. EazyDraw has LinkBack support for in-place double click and edit of your EazyDraw graphics from Keynote. EazyDraw has a unique "Export Shortcut" in the title bar, simply drag and drop this icon to a Keynote presentation to add a slide or graphic.

PDF is King -- Two Way Street:

EazyDraw and iWork all support native, high quality OS X PDF format for information exchange, both ways. PDF is a vector format, and the original vector art is conserved as you copy and paste across the system pasteboard or drag and drop between all the iWork applications and EazyDraw. No longer will the detail and beauty of your vector graphics be degraded by the bitmap jaggies or resolution mismatches.

EazyDraw, the AppleWorks icon
EazyDraw Reads AppleWorks Drawings
If you have migrated from AppleWorks to iWork, you know that your AppleWorks drawings have been left behind, no solution in iWork. EazyDraw can open your AppleWorks drawings on Tiger, Leopard or Snow Leopard. All vector content conserved and editable. Follow the AppleWorks link to learn more.
Super Charge Keynote
Keynote has a minimal set of drawing tools. It can be frustrating to have such a powerful presentation package and to not be able to add truly stunning graphics of your own creation. Let each application do what it is designed to do and your life will get much easier, and a little more creative.
Go Out There And Create
The iWork suite provides beautiful canned themes and graphic content. These can be a big time saver, but even your Grandma can spot that "Clip Art Look" from a mile away. EazyDraw helps you to truly create content and add your own personality to your work.
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