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Follow-on bug fix release.
Recent additions with version 2.3.0: User Libraries, Import ClarisDraw Libraries, Arrange Tool Palette, Custom User Tool Palettes, Transfer (Apply) Properties, PDF user manual.
User libraries are the main addition for this version. These have a "tool" mode that converts the library into a normal EazyDraw tool palette, normal with the exception that these palettes are fully user configurable. Full import of ClarisDraw user libraries. New Arrange tool palette provides floating palette access to the most frequently used align, flip, distribute and send actions. The Graphic Details drawer now supports full user control of display format, including the ability to display and enter feet and inches, decimal or fraction
New 350 page user's manual is now available.
The User's Manual is written in a read-along style as compared to EazyDraw's extensive Help documentation which is designed for browsing. It is available at our online store, $29.05 with free shipping. The electronic download PDF version is $10. Or get the whole package with the EazyDraw Box Version.
Click this preview manual link to view the table of contents and sample excerpts from the manual.
EazyDraw download is a 13 meg universal binary optimized for both the Intel and PowerPC Mac processors, run on Leopard or Tiger, Panther and Jaguar version available
The download is a disk image file (dmg), its size is 23 Meg.

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EazyDraw Version 2.3.1 ---- April 18, 2007

Corrections and improvements with version 2.3.1:

Updated the Spotlight plugin for EazyDraw. It now supports indexing and searching of the EazyDraw library files as well as all EazyDraw file types. If EazyDraw is installed in your Applications folder, OS X will find the updated plugin automatically, no need reboot or perform any specific installation actions. Note for advanced users: if you wish to run EazyDraw from another location you may need to move the Spotlight importer from the EazyDraw Bundle's Contents folder to the system library.

The default drawing toolbar tools have been updated. We now include the Text Color smart color menu button in the default tool set. The Text Color tool has proven to be very valuable as the other methods of setting text color (via Font panel and Color Picker, or Graphic Details and color picker) are time consuming and not easy to find for the more occasional user. The Text Color toolbar tool is a simple convenient solution to this issue. Users that are upgrading will not automatically see the change, you will need to perform a "Customize Toolbar" and re-install the default set to pick up this improvement.

Corrected problem with Cycle Palettes and Reverse Cycle palettes. This action would fail to work properly in some cases. Both cases now work as they should.

Corrected problems with setting the line width for Dimensions. There are two line width setting for a dimension, one found on the Dimensions palette controls the bounding box that may be shown around the dimensions measurement numbers. The other is the line width of the attach lines that extend from the dimensions target graphic, this line width is managed using the "Color and Style" palette. The problem was that the latter setting would not always copy with a dimension and would not be held in the Dimension default settings. This is now fixed and dimensions with thin setback lines will work smoothly. We also changed the default for this line width to one-half of a point, a thinner line.

Corrected problem Tape Measure tool. If the Graphic Details drawer had not been opened for a drawing the tape cursor would not report positions and lengths as it should. This was introduced with version 2.3.0 (not present in the previous major release). All corrected now. Note that you now have control over the formatting of the tape cursor read-out (decimal precision or use fractions). The settings for Graphic Details now control the format of the tape cursor. Deselect all graphics and you will see the format controls in the Graphic Details drawer.

Improved ability to position dimension text for narrow dimensions. Before, the text could not move outside the limits of the measurement lines which was a problem if the measurement was very small and did not provide room for the numeric text. Now the "Shift" and "Slide" parameters are enabled and may be used to position the numeric text without limitation.

Corrected problems using German comma decimal character settings for OS X international preferences. The comma-decimal character was not properly recognized on the Dimensions palette, this is now corrected. There were problems on the Graphic Details drawer with Undo, when using commas as decimal points. The value would enter correctly with the comma rather than decimal point, but the undo action would not restore the original value -- all is correct now.

Corrected problem displaying Text on the the Graphic Details drawer. The height was not displayed properly, it was showing the same value as the width. This is now fixed.

Corrected problem with highly elliptical arcs. Previously these could jump when trying to interactively adjust the major axis direction for the arc (or pie shape). Now these adjust smoothly in all cases. We also decreased the minimum minor axis percentage from 15% to 4% so one may now create thinner arcs without using both the major and minor axis adjusters.

Fixed Opaque Copy, the check mark in the Edit menu was not setting correctly in all cases. The function was working properly but the check mark indicator was not reliable. The function now works and displays properly.

Corrected problem with toolbar (the one on a drawing window) not executing palette commands (draw a rectangle for example) unless the associated tool palette was open. This was introduced with version 2.3.0, it is now corrected and the tools work properly again.

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