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Export File Formats
Vector- PDF, EPS, SVG
Bitmap- TIFF, JPEG
Windows- BMP, ICO
App Graphics
Classic- PICT
Example of converting a Claris Draw drawing to a native EazyDraw drawing.

Export Direct Without a Distiller or Graphic Converter:

Exchanging your work with others on OS X is best with EazyDraw's native file format. Anyone on OS X may download the latest version of EazyDraw and view files you have created - no license is needed to open, edit, or save the file you have sent to them. The Export file formats are used to send your work to other operating systems or for use on the World Wide Web. Files sent to external printing services like a newspaper or ad agency are best sent in a vector for such as PDF or EPS which are fully supported by EazyDraw.


If your drawing needs to be sent electronically to an agency, newspaper, publisher, or another printing service you will want to send a high quality format (e.g. 300 DPI) with a reasonable file size (generally excludes bitmap formats). EazyDraw provides professional grade PDF and EPS export support for these purposes. Our Graphic Details drawer shows the DPI of any bitmap images (photos and the like) contained in your drawing, so that you may be certain their quality is adequate for the intended publication. You can also convert all text to Bezier paths; this is a common pre-press practice. Converting text in this fashion prevents problems with Font Families that may surface when your drawing is reproduced with the publishing equipment.

Web Graphics:

JPG, GIF, and PNG are supported for publishing drawings to the World Wide Web. Compression is supported to get files as small as possible for rapid emailing and web download. For professional preparation of web content, color tables are supported, these are integrated with OS X's color list technology. Or for just emailing photos to friends, EazyDraw can be used to package up a few JPG photos, do some cropping and perhaps add some text messages - the export and compress in one step for emailing.

Pro-Grade PDF, EPS
Export full quality PDF files for viewing on any operating system. The EPS export supports color space control and PSFRAG is supported for combining other typeset fragments into EazyDraw graphics that are integrated into a LaTeX document.
Favicon Suppot
Favicon is an ICO file format that is used by browsers to display an icon image associated a web site. With EazyDraw you can create an icon, with vector techniques, then render the icon to a family of images using the Quartz graphic engine. This is all automtic, providing a high quality icon for your web site.
App Developers
Use EazyDraw to easily create Icons and Launch Screens for iPhone or iPad Apps. A virtual electronic printer is provided with predefined settings to insure your App graphics will look great on the target device and are properly formated for acceptance by iTunes Connect.
EazyDraw download is a 13 meg universal binary optimized for both the Intel and PowerPC Mac processors, run on Leopard or Tiger, Panther and Jaguar version available
The download is a disk image file (dmg), its size is 23 Meg.

Icon Support:

ICO for Microsoft Windows operating system and web sites. The ICO format is used by internet browsers for "favicon" files. If you place a favicon.ico file on your web site, internet browsers will find the file and use the images contained to show an icon next to the web address or on the Favorites menu. If you look up at the current page in your browser you should see a little yellow pencil icon - the pencil of the EazyDraw application icon. This pencil was drawn with EazyDraw, exported as a favicon.ico file and rendered by your browser.

Legacy Formats:

Extensive support is provided for MacDraw, MacDrawPro, Claris Draw, and PICT files. These older formats (which includes BMP for the DOS and Windows platforms) are still important for bringing older drawings and graphics into the modern OS X technology. Also many applications on OS X, such as Microsoft Word, and Power Point are actually based on OS 9, or DOS technology. These applications do not properly render PDF as a vector format. In these cases you need to export or Copy->Paste the legacy Classic PICT format. Classic PICT is a vector format and was good cross platform format back in the late 80's and early 90's. There is an extensive discussion of these issues and how to export high quality graphics to MS Word and Power Point in EazyDraw's extensive Help manual.


Export to APXL, Apple's Keynote version 1 XML file format. These files may then be fully integrated into a Keynote presentation, as editable vectors, fills, and text. Keynote II can also use these files, they are automatically converted to from the Keynote I format when imported into Keynote. Copy and paste of PDF and full resolution TIFF between Keynote and EazyDraw provides another method to integrated high quality graphics drawn in EazyDraw into Keynote's advanced presentation capabilities.

GZIP compression:

EazyDraw integrates file compression for our native formats. Vector graphics files are inherently smaller than bitmap (or raster) graphics formats, significantly so for larger drawing areas such as a single page of content. EazyDraw uses an XML like text based File Format which is excellent for archiving and distant future usability of EazyDraw drawings; however this style of data is verbose and will generate larger files than traditional binary file formats. The verbose nature of this data form does compress significantly, typically 95% compressions, representing the natural compactness of vector information. EazyDraw provides seamless integration of GZIP support for compact files for email and other distribution needs over the internet. NOTE: it is counter intuitive but it is wise to use the Verbose native text based format for archiving, the advantages of being able to "English read" the file far out weigh the minor space savings on present day digital archiving media.

Seamless With Other Cocoa Applications:

Of course if you are exporting or copy->pasting to another newer technology Cocoa application, like Business Card Composer , Mellel, or Cheetah this process should be seamless. EazyDraw actually presents all these formats to the Mac OS X system pasteboard. The receiving application then may choose the format best suited for the task at hand.

Color Tables:

EazyDraw Exports support color table specification of colors, including transparency, for formats that use color tables. The color tables used or created by EazyDraw are integrated with OS X's color list technology. Your color tables are available to other OS X applications.

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