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Drawing Organization
Layer Inspector
Powerful Graphic Finder
Inspect Nested Groups
Inspect Graphic Properties
Drag and Drop Graphics
Hierarchal Outline
Z-Order Inspector
Example of inspecting layers and groups of graphics with EazyDraw on OS X.

Detailed Outline of Drawing Organization:

The "Examine" panel provides an organized component level look for your drawings. The outline view shows each Layer, Group and Graphic indicating the painting order and nested element organization of the entire drawing. This complimentary look at your drawing illuminates relationships and other information that is difficult to ascertain from drawing by itself.

Close-Up View of Individual Graphics:

Graphics that are selected on the Outline view found on the lower portion of the panel are displayed individually in the upper portion of the panel. This makes it easy to ascertain a graphic's relative position on the drawing and in the database of graphic elements. The display will show single or multiple graphics, groups and entire layers.

Graphic Finder Mode:

The graphic display portion of the panel has a powerful "graphic finder" mode. Simply click and hold on the graphic image and the master graphic on the main drawing is instantly located and highlighted. If the graphic is off-screen, the drawing is scrolled to bring it into view. If the graphic is on a layer that is hidden or not visible, a ghost image of the graphic is brought momentarily into view.

Precise Graphic Selection:

Sets of selected graphics can be transfered between the outline view and the main drawing. This seemingly minor capability is often times invaluable. Selection of a specific set of graphics is can be tedious and difficult due to overlap or clustering of small complex shapes. But the selection process is always easy on the outline view; when the desired set of graphics is assembled simply transfer the selection set to the drawing and proceed with editing.

Full drag and drop is supported on the outline view. Use this to easily re-order graphics. Think of it as the "Ultimate Send Tool." Drag graphics to or from other EazyDraw drawings. Easily exchange graphics with other applications like Pages or KeyNote.
Manage Nested Groups
The hierarchal outline follows the nesting of complex groups of graphics. Since drag and drop is supported, this means it is easy to move a graphic from deep in a nested group out to the main layer for editing, or even move graphics between different nested groups. All without tedious ungroup-edit-regroup steps.
Z (Painting) Order Look
The main view of your drawing displays a top - down 2d composition of the drawing. The Examine panel provides a complimentary look at the stacking or painting order of each element of the drawing. This is often called a Z-Order look at the drawing.
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