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Outline Mode
Faster Display
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Hair Lines
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Vector Outline Mode example.

Clear Screen Presentation

Outline Mode simplifies the presentation of all graphics to a thin outline of the graphic. Fill Color, Gradients, and other graphic content are not drawn; only the outlines of graphic shapes are shown.

Locate Hidden Graphics

It is assured that all graphics are visible in outline mode. EazyDraw automatically chooses a good color for the outline path. The color is compared to the drawing background color (white, black, or other), if a minimum level of contrast is not present a contrasting color is used.

Faster Display

In the early days of computer drawing outline mode was used to avoid sluggish screen updates. With todays faster computers this is not as important. But an outline display is always faster and can prove useful for complex drawings or work on less powerful portable devices.

Accurate Interaction

Finite line widths can obscure and present problems when working at very high zoom levels. In outline mode a hairline line width is used, quickly zoom in to very high levels in and interactively edit graphics with very high precision.

Quick Toggle
A customizable toolbar button is provided for quick toggling of Outline Mode. The button icon provides visual confirmation of the current mode of display.
Use With Layers
Apply Outline Mode to a full drawing or to individual Layers. This Layer clarification method works with layer color modification of both tint and opacity.
Adjustable Hairline
A user interface method is provided for adjusting the line width used for the hairline display of graphic outlines. Adjust for best appearance and use on any display screen or in different lighting.
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